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The Parisian Superhero: PLAISIR DE FRANCE
A night spent hitting up clubs in the city where the party never stops. A trail blazed from the 3rd arrondissement, through the Left Bank and Avenue Marceau. Our modern day hero and brooding dandy, Plaisir De France, flits from roof to roof. The sun is gently rising over the Place de la Concorde. The truth is close at hand.
He watches over the city with a concerned elegance: observing it, listening to it, protecting it. The sweetest of melodies is the only way to describe his love for Paris. In his search for musical truth, the past is where the latter lies. Could it not be in the future? Or perhaps both?
After being hot on the trail of various super villains, scuffling on the way, he’s finally closing in on something….


After his last acclaimed maxi "1994/2009", the 90's flava floor filler supported by Busy P., Miss Kittin & many others, Plaisir de France comes back again with two disco gems.

"Disco Jalousie"
This is a flashback cliché to the 1994 summer disco club progressive
piano dance ... yes, it's very "déjà vu" and so what??? Remember the first Plaisir de France maxis for Pro-Zak Trax... ("furie" & "toi qui cours l'aventure”) yet they were a success for this new comer!

Julien Plaisir de France comes back with a pure summer 90's flava track. When the glorious past meets the future, the light strikes back! In an Inner City style, pumping up big synths played with love from Plaisir de France!!!

"1994/2009" Julien Plaisir de.. Original Mix
"1994/2009" Julien Plaisir de.. Revisite

Julien "Plaisir de France" comes back with a new 12" on Pro-Zak Trax: "come into the schaätroom". With his personnal "Plaisir de France" project Julien takes us into a deep mellowdramatic tour. Based on a easy old school bass with some fresh and poppy voices samples we can still feel the warm power of the sweetlight.

"Time to Time" Julien Plaisir de.. Original Mix
"Time to Time" Julien Plaisir de.. Revisite
"Time to Time" Mr Claude Revisite

01 - Bionic man (Plaisir de France Remix)
02 - Bionic man
03 - Bionic man (De Pompidou Remix)

A1 - Americaine (Footloose Mix)
A2 - Americaine (Acapella)
B1 - Americaine (Original Mix)
B2 - Americaine (Croosty Pop Mix)


01 - Art to breathe (extented vs 2)
02 - Art to breathe (Dj Vas remix)
03 - Art to breathe (Plaisir de France)
04 - Art to breathe (Mikelange remix)


01 - Suave tempo
02 - I want to say
03 - Slove tempo


A - Toi Qui Court L’Aventure
B1 - Paradise Deep
B2 - Furie

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